Towns and villages - Izbica

IZBICA - a village on the southern bank of the Łebsko Lake in the commune of Glówczyce.

Gisbitze (1523), Jesebitz (1561), Gjesebitz (1588) ("g" for marking the letter "j"). The Slovinians used the name Jizbjica. The name derives from the definition of "izbica" - a structure of the chamber built of bales, a little cell, and also a triangular bale structure protecting bridge pillars. There must have been erected supporting bale structures on the slimy ground on the lake; German: Giesebitz.

Izbica came into being only in the XVI century; the first written recordings come from the documents of Pomeranian knights and the families of von Stojentin and von Putkamer.

In the village there is a church from 1930 decorated with a slim, partly timbered tower. The onion-like, turned to green helmet is the most splendid element. Inside, there are frescos with the biblical scenes of the fishermen lives. When doctor Lechman came here from Berlin with painting assistants, the local clergyman recorded unnatural increase of religiousness. All the inhabitants were sitting in the church and watching the works. The painters eternised the curious enthusiasts on the walls of the temple.

 Nature sanctuary, partially of peat, "Izbica Marshlands" of the area of 281,18 hectares.










Source: "Historical Dictionary of Towns and Villages of the Slupsk Province",
authors: A. Świetlicka - E. Wisławska 



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