Towns and villages - Czołpino

Czołpino - a dialectal name Covpjino - from hummock, little mountain, peak, a name transferred to the settlement founded near the mountain. Zolpin (1631), Scholpin (1780).
Distance from Słupsk: 36 kms

Czołpino came into being as a fishing settlement, its first written recording comes from the XVII century. In the region of present Czołpino, in the XVI century, there existed a village Stara Chusta, which was covered up by the moving sands. Similarly, it was the village Łączki in the XVIII century, which was situated in the place where currently Łęcka Dune is located.

Czołpino Sea Lighthouse, built out of brick on the stony foundations. The structure is situated on the highest afforested dune - Czołpinko, of the height of 55 (56) meters over the sea level on the terrain of the Slovinski National Park with the distance of 1050 meters from the sea. The lighthouse was built in 1874 and it was opened for service on January 15th, 1875. Initially in the lighthouse an oil-lamp was lit. That time five concentric wicks burned annually 3600 kgs of mineral oil. Currently, it certainly emits electric light, which was installed in the time between the wars. At the foot, the lighthouse tower measures 7 m of diameter and its height is 25,2 m. The source of light located on the top of the lighthouse is seen from the distance of 21 (22) sea miles. E. Kummer was the builder of the light-house.
Lighthouse Keeper's House built of bricks from 1871
A barn built of bricks from 1870.
A cow-shed built of bricks after 1870.



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