Smołdziński Las Protection District

Smołdziński Las Protection District occupies the area of 1753,34 hectares. The office of the District Keeper is situated in Smołdziński Las, 7 km from the Park Head Office. This area is situated on the Gardno-Łebsko Spit and it comprises the branches marked with numbers from 15 to 24. The District is divided into 3 ranges: Sowie Góry, Czołpińskie Łęgi and Czołpino. On the terrain of the Protection District there are numerous nature and tourist attractions, such as: the stretch of a red track running through Czołpino Dune - the longest fragment of a track through the moving dunes, a blue tourist track towards the sea lighthouse in Czołpino, nature path depicting the world of plants on the dunes, monumental structures: lighthouse keepers' house and the sea-rescue building (so called. "Red Shed"), the view point in a former racket military station and many others.
On the terrain of the District, the forest area, so called Beech Mountains is situated that characterises with remarkable natural values. They constitute a unique example of habitats on the oldest dune on the spit. On the dune sands, as a result of succession, the pine woods return to their original beech-oak stand of trees, which once, was entirely covering the spit.

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