Rowy Protection District

Rowy Protection District occupies the area of 1888,3 hectares. The office of the Dis-trict Keeper is situated in Rowy, 25 kms from the Park Head Office. The area of the District comprises a fragment of Gardno-Łebsko Spit separating the Gardno and the Dołgie lakes from the sea as well as meadows, pastures and polders on the Gardno Lake. It comprises the branches marked with numbers from 25 to 35 and 141-146; also it is divided into ranges: Dołgie, Moczary, Mikołajki, Polder, Gardna and Re-towskie Bagna. Within the district, there is a considerable part of a red tourist track; there are 3 stretches of a black track, a loop of a green track, and a nature path for the enthusiasts of ornithology and a passage bicycle track. Rowy Protection District comprises the fragments of strict protection area "Mierzeja" (Spit), "Dołgie Małe" and "Gardnieńskie Lęgi".
Breeding terrains of water and mud birds situated on the Gardno Lake, constituting an International Birds Sanctuary are the remarkable natural value. The nature of this area is continuously monitored and is the subject of denaturalisation scheme, within a framework of which, meadows are regularly mowed and flooded and farmers are at-tracted for extensive cattle pasturage. An additional tourist attraction of the District is the possibility to see the remains of former beech-oak forests growing on the spit a few thousands years ago. Many of the stems of these trees are uncovered on the beach, particularly after the storms.

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