Rąbka Protection District

Rąbka Protection District occupies the area of 1406,36 ha. The office of the District Keeper is situated in Rąbka near Łeba, 53 km from the Park Head Office. The area of the District is entirely situated on the Łebsko Spit and comprises the branches marked with the numbers from 1 to 14. It is divided into three ranges: Łeba, Białe Góry and Boleniec (these are the historical places, which names are transmitted in the verbal tradition and derive from the events, people, or the terrain). In the Protection District, there are situated the biggest nature and tourist attractions of the SNP: the most extensive fields of moving dunes in Europe (over 500 hectares), the highest moving dune - above 30 meters over the sea level, subsidiary of the Museum of Nature, military exposition from the times of World War II, tourist tracks: red, green, black and the passenger navigable track on the Łebsko Lake.
The predominant part of the District is situated in the area of strict protection "Spit", which characterises with remarkable natural values. The Spit (apart from uncovered dune terrain and a narrow belt on the Łebsko Lake) is almost entirely covered by the seaside pine forests with the usual pine. Dwarf mountain pine is quite numerous which was planted at the beginning of the XX century for the reason of consolidating the moving dunes.

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