Kluki Protection District

Kluki Protection District occupies the area of 2051,81 hectares. The office of the District Keeper is situated in Kluki, 12 kms from the Park Head Office. The District is situated on the southern bank of the Łebsko Lake and it comprises the branches marked with numbers from 64 to 84. It is divided into four ranges: Ciemińskie Błota, Wilki, Jelenie and Krasne Łączki. Throughout the terrain of the District, there runs a yellow tourist track connecting Łeba with Gardna Wielka as well as an educational path, on which, the strict protection area "Klukowe Buki" is situated with a relict beech-oak forest. On the terrain of the District, there occurs the largest population in Poland of cloudberry - relict glacial species being the remain after the last glaciation.
A historical village of Kluki is situated in the mid of the District, where the skansen museum was founded to commemorate the Slovinians. There are preserved the material values of their culture. Apart from the village on the bank of the Łebsko lake, a view-tower was built and a foot-bridge from which one can admire the lake panorama with conspicuous moving dunes in the horizon.

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