Entrance fees

SNP entrance fees

valid for all entries regardless of the place of purchase

at the given day

collected from 1st May till 30th September

1-day entrance ticket

Regular                      8,00 zł

Reduced                    4,00 zł

3-day entrance ticket

Regular                      19,50 zł

Reduced                    10,00 zł

7-day entrance ticket

Regular                      36,50 zł

Reduced                    18,00 zł

14-day entrance ticket

Regular                      56,00 zł

Reduced                    28,00 zł

30-day entrance icket

Regular                      107,00 zł

Reduced                    53,50 zł

No Park entrance fees are collected from:

-children below 7;

-people with the consent of the Park’s Director for conducting research on environmental protection;

-students participating in activities within the scope agreed with the SNP Director;

-inhabitants of municipalities: Główczyce, Łeba, Smołdzino, Ustka, Wicko;

-people traveling along Park trails to designated beach areas in the Park;

-people going to places of worship;

-people with tha big family card („Karta Dużej Rodziny”).

Admission fees to museums and other objects:

SNP Museum of Nature and educational garden in Czołpino

Entrance ticket:

Regular                      16,00 zł

Reduced                    12,00 zł

For groups above 10 persons 8,00 zł


Museum branches and educational gardens in Rąbka and Rowy

Entrance ticket:

Regular                      8,00 zł

Reduced                    4,00 zł


Rowokół watchtower


Regular                      8,00 zł

Reduced                    4,00 zł


Czołpino Lighthouse

Entrance ticket:

Regular                      8,00 zł

Reduced                    4,00 zł

Combine tickets:

Czołpino Complex
The fee includes admission to the Park, admission to the SNP Museum in Czolpino and admission to the Czolpino lighthouse.

Regular                                                                                                                    24,00 zł
Reduced                                                                                                                  14,00 zł

Park Center Complex
The fee includes admission to the Park, admission to the SNP Museum in Czolpino, admission to the lighthouse in Czolpino and admission to the observation tower on Rowokół.

Regular                                                                                                                    30,00 zł
Reduced                                                                                                                  18,00 zł


Fees for educational offer

Fees for educational activities conducted by Park staff:

Museum guide (up to 90 min.), Czołpino SPN Museum                                                                                                                                                                                  100,00 zł

Museum guide (up to 45 min.), incl. MN Branches in Rowy and Rąbka         50,00 zł

Roomrental for nature documentary projection (up to 30 persons, 1 h)       100,00 zł

Lecture, multimedia or slide show lecture (up to 30persons, 1 h)                   100,00 zł

Materials for art classes (perperson, over 10 up to 45 people, up to 45 min.) 4,00 zł

Outdoor education classes up to 6 h (up to 30 persons)                                  350,00 zł

Outdoor education trip (for groups over 31 up to 50 people)             450,00 zł

Fee for specialized classes in the field of forestry, botany, zoology, geography or related sciences with a faculty member in the field for each commenced hour of classes:                                                                                                               100,00 zł

Fees for providing photos from the resources of the Park's archives for one-time publication (per photo)                                                                                    250,00 zł


Apart from the fees above, entrance fees to the Park, the Museum of Nature, and other educational-touristic objects shall be collected.

No fees shall be collected for the educational offer directed to groups of persons-inhabitants of municipals within the Park boarders and neighbouring communities implementing an educational programme approved by the SNP Director.

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