The light from the Lighthouse


Trail’s description (go to map)
Name: "The light from the Lighthouse"
Type: nature, culture
For: students of all types of schools

(educational offer, price list)

Distance: 5,5 km
Time: 3-4 h
I. Synantrophes
II. Visiting the lighthouse keeper
III. Coastal pine forest (Empetro nigri-Pinetum)
IV. Coastal heather forest
V. Coastal lichen Scots pine forest (Cladonia rangiferinae Pinetum)
VI. Lighthouse
VII. Lichen from close-up

VIII. And this is? – Scots pine
IX. And this is? – black pine
X. And this is? – mountain pine
XI. Psammophytes – struggle to survive
XII. Beach mysteries
XIII. Annual vegetation of drift lines

XIV. Animals at a beach
XV. Red shed
XVI. Animals of pine forests
XVII. White eagle – the lord of skies
Route: the trail goes parallel to blue tourist track in the Smołdziński Las Protection District. It leads from the Leśny/forest car park to the peak of the highest wooded dune in SNP and the lighthouse in Czołpino, then along track to the beach, and west along the shore to the so-called Red Shed, and next to molting shed with the white eagle at the area of the former military unit in Czołpino.

Trail infrastructure: general board with a map, educational boards at stopovers, educational breezeway with a place for fire, direction posts, benches, litter bins, fencing and partitions – made in 2006 under the donation from the NFEP&WM in Warsaw.

Discussed issues:

  1. Coastal pine forests - flora, fauna.
  2. Vegetation accompanying humans.
  3. Domestic and foreign coniferous tree species in the Park.
  4. Lichens in SNP.
  5. Morphological adjustments of psammophytes for living on dunes.
  6. Baltic beach seasonal character.
  7. Baltic flora and fauna.
  8. Terms: Annual vegetation of drift lines, ripple marks, rolled pebbles.
  9. Cultural heritage – the lighthouse and historic settlements of lighthouse keepers, the salvage station.


1. Alternative trail possible - to 12th stopover as the original trail, then along the coast east to crossing with a red tourist track, through the Spit by moving dunes to the path to the Leśny/forest car park.

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