Trail’s description (go to map)Ścieżka przyrodnicza "Rowy"

Name: „Rowy”

Type: nature

For: families, primary school or gymnasium students under the supervision of adults – parents, teachers; (educational offer, price list)

Distance: 7 km

Trail markings: 8 stopovers marked with square boards around 2,5 m over the ground level and „arrows” indicating direction (right-hand traffic).

Time: 3 – 4 h


I. Corncrake

II. Red wood ant

III. Black woodpecker

IV. Common Shelduck

V. Black European alder

VI. Cross-leaved heath

VII. Stiff clubmoss

VIII. Sand sedge

Route: The “Rowy” educational trail goes through forest and non-forest areas in the Protection District Rowy. It begins by the Museum of Nature Branch in Rowy, and then goes west 3km along the red tourist track, straight ahead by the first crossroad with the black track, passes the Gardno Lake scenic jetty on the right, and footbridge on grey dunes on the left. Then goes to another track cross-road, turns left along the black track leading north to the beach, and next west along the beach to Rowy.

Trail infrastructure: information boards, benches, breezeways;

Educational objects: nature exposition titled “Beach – four seasons of the year” in the Museum of Nature Branch in Rowy, educational garden “Nature puzzles – water”.

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