Klucki Las

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Name: "Klucki Las"
Type: ecological, cultural
For: high school students interested in nature
(educational offer, price list)
Distance: 5 km
Time: 2,5 h
I. High bogs; ecological effects of exploitation
II. Dieback of tree stands and forest community succession on drained mires

III. Knoutberry
IV. Reed beds at the Łebsko Lake
V. Strict protection area "Klukowe Buki [Beechwood]"
VI. Mosaic structure of forest enclaves in the "Klukowe Buki [Beechwood]" reservation
Route: the trail goes through strict and active protection areas in the Kluki Protection District. It starts nearby the forester’s lodge in Kluki, and ends at the symbolic entrance gate to the Kluki Forest, situated nearby Łokciowe. Sometimes difficult, boggy.

Trail infrastructure: general board with a map, educational boards, breezeway, direction posts, watchtower, benches, litter bins, fencing and partitions – made in 2004 under the donation from the NFEP&WM in Warsaw.

Discussed issues:

1. Groups over 10 only with a guide. In Polish only, any translation is provided and paid by the visitors.

2. Max. no. of visitors: 30

3. Hiking shoes and tick protection required.

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