Gardnieńskie Lęgi


Trail’s description (go to map)
Name: "Gardnieńskie Lęgi"
Type: ornithological, ecological
For: high school students interested in nature

(educational offer, price list)
Distance: 5 km
Time: 3-4 h
I. Coastal pasture
II. Meadow
III. Polder I
IV. Polder II
V. Gardno Lake bay
Route: trail goes through non-forest areas under strict and active protection in the Rowy Protection District from Gardna Wielka by the South-Western end of the Gardno Lake by concrete path to the scenic view point at the Lake and intermediate pumping station building by the black tourist track.

Trail infrastructure: general board with a map, direction posts, scenic point, benches, litter bins made in 2004 under the donation from the NFEP&WM in Warsaw.

1. Groups over 10 only with a guide. In Polish only, any translation is provided and paid by the visitors.

2. Max. no. of visitors: 30

3. Hiking shoes and tick protection required.

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