Environmental Protection

Areas covered with active protection

An active protection relies on performing the determined activities aiming towards the restoration of the natural state of ecosystems and nature elements or preservation of natural settlements as well as the settlements of plants, animals and mushrooms. An active protection shall be conducted everywhere where the natural regulatory processes were strongly disturbed and without the human being interference, it will be hard to achieve positive results. To gain the best protection results, one should at its maximum, choose the solutions which will concern the protection of the whole ecosystems. This is the best manner of protecting all environment components, while preserving proper interdependencies between their particular elements. 
The total area of 14 701,83 hectares is comprised with active protection considering the SNP diversed ecosystems and their structures. They comprise the grounds of the State Treasury being under the auspices of the Park management as well as the grounds being managed by another party. On these areas the processes of natural environment restitution are initiated or supported in the direction of naturalising as well as sustaining the current state of investment. Within the content of an active protection, one can classify, first of all, the lakes: Łebsko and Gardno, Dołgie Duże, forest complexes outside the Spit (Rowokół) as well as non-forest assemblages situated in the south from the Park forest terrains. 

Areas covered with landscape protection

The landscape protection services the role of preserving characteristic features of a given landscape. The areas of landscape protection on the terrain of the SNP (132,93 hectares) comprise the invested terrains including, among others, the settlements of Czołpino, the villages of Kluki and Gać as well as Rąbka settlement. The level of investment possible to be utilised here, shall be diversified according to the level of environment deformation, however, the main principal has been accepted, to support and properly direct the restoration processes. In this zone, tourist pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic as well as using the water tracks must be exclusively conducted upon the determined tourist tracks, along with determining the places for rest and services at the defined points for this mobility.

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