Towns and villages - Retowo

Retowo - a village with administrator's office, situated on the southern bank of the Gardno Lake. The name was formed after the war by the Committee of Formation Places' Names. In the name, the root-ret, preserved until today in the diminutive form -retk and standing for a cape, a promontory on the lake, also a bay or a sandbank heaped by water, depression in the bottom shaped by the waves, sometimes the gap in the bottom.
Distance from Słupsk: 23,5 kms

The first recording in the documents on today's Retowo derives from the XV century, in which it exists as Rotten. These are the sources on the history of great Pomeranian families and the documents of Pomeranian knighthood from the XV century. That time Retowo constituted the feudal property of the Von Bandemers, who remained here until the mid of the XIX century.
1784 - there were two granges in the village, on the Gardno Lake, the fishermen's houses, there were 13 crofts in total.
1859 - Retowo was purchased by Wilhelm von Massow. The last owner of Retowo from this family, Gottfried, first took it on lease and then sold it, and after World War I, the property was settled. Retowo became a peasant and fishing village.
1.12.1871 - in the village, there were 3 dwelling buildings, 10 farms and there lived 42 dwellers (4 years before, there were 42 of them). 1939 - there existed 15 farms.
The cemetery formerly belonging to the Germans - evangelical - until today one cast-iron cross has been preserved as well as some remains after the tombstones.


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