Towns and villages - Człuchy

Człuchy - a village with administrator's office, situated on the left bank of the Łupawa near its mouth to the Gardno Lake. The name probably formed from the nickname (surname) Słuch. The name firstly recorded in the XIV century as Slochow (1383), and then in the same form in 1618 and afterwards quoted as Schlodow. A Slovinian form existed - Člachi.
Distance from Słupsk: 28,5 kms

In the Prussian times it was a royal village. 1784 - it numbered merely 5 houses.
1.12.1871 - the village consisted of 2 parts. In the village there were 14 dwelling buildings, 20 farms and 123 residents lived here (4 years before, there were 117 of them).
1939 - in the village there were 17 farms.

A barn no 4, brick nogged timber wall.


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