Didactic offer

1) One-day field classes on the selected nature path.
2) A few-day field workshops (accommodation at the terrain of Smołdzino commune - we do not reserve accommodation) 
4) Nature classes on the selected excursion routes. 
5) Lectures with photo-slides presentation. 
6) Projections of nature films "In the Dunes' Shadow" 

I. Topics covered during the field classes

"Klucki Las" Path (3 hours)
(See more on the nature path
target group: - secondary school pupils and students
1) Forest accumulations of the SNP: marsh wood, marsh birch wood, alder swamp, beech tree -oak forest. 
2) Selected species of protected plants of the SNP: cloudberry, daphne, foxglove, cross-leaved heath, club-moss (Lycopodium annotinum) 
3) Biology and the resources of the cloudberry in the world, in Poland and the SNP. 
4) Characteristics and comparison of peat-bogs of high, transitional and low specifi-cation. 
5) Eutrophication of the Łebsko Lake. 
6) The assessment of the environment contamination level with the aid of lichen scale. 

"Latarnia" Lighthouse Path and moving dunes in Czołpino (5 hours)
(See more on the nature path)
target group: - for the pupils of all types of schools
1) Seaside pine woods - plant succession on the dunes. 
2) Dune plants - psammophites.
3) Adaptation of plants morphological structure to the life on the dune. 
4) The lichens of the SNP.
5) Creative work of the sea (seasonal aspects of the Baltic beach, summer beach and winter beach, the aftermaths of accumulation and abrasion on the flat and cliff sea-side, flat shoals, spits and lagoons). 
6) The birth of dunes. 
7) Eco-systems mosaic versus bio-diversity in the SNP. 

"Rowokół" Path (3 hours) 
(See more on the nature path
target group: - for pupils of all types of schools
1) A tree - the object of research of an ecologist - morphometric measurements.
2) Hydrophytes - plants adaptation for the life in water. 
3) Flora of riverain meadows. 
4) Beaver feeding grounds upon the Łupawa River. 
5) The comparison of a riparian forest and an alder carr. 
6) What do the concepts of a forest and a wood stand for? 
7) Selected species of coniferous trees of the SNP. 
8) Both geological and history-cultural past of the Rowokół Mountain. 

"Gardnieńskie Lęgi" Path (3 hours)
(See more on the nature path
target group: - for pupils of junior high school, secondary school as well as students
1) An active protection of water and mud birds' breeding terrains: restitution and re-naturalisation of the settlements.
2) Autumn migrations - the reasons and the route course of autumn birds migrations. 
3) The role and the assignments of sanctuaries comprised with RAMSAR Conven-tion. 
4) Factors effecting degradation of waterlogged meadows and eutrophication of lakes. 
5) Observation and recognition of some birds species.

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