Żarnowska Protection District

Żarnowska Protection District occupies the area of 1946,6 hectares. The office of the District Keeper is situated in Gać, 33 kms from the Park Head Office. The area of the District comprises the terrains situated in the south-east bank of the Łebsko Lake, i.e. branches marked with the numbers from 36 to 63 and it is divided into 6 ranges: Żar-nowskie Łęgi, Bolesławiec, Babi Dół, Wielkie Bagno, Gackie and Izbickie Łęgi. Within the District, three areas of strict protection have been designated: "Olszyna", "Bory Torfowe" and "Bielice". Appreciating the natural values of this district, as well as its significance for education, on this terrain, there has been defined a track of na-ture path of eco-fitosociological character predominantly destinated for the students of nature specialisations. Along the forestry range of this District, there runs a con-siderable part of yellow tourist and bicycle track. By the mouth of the Łeba River into the Łebsko Lake, there is the longest view, wooden foot-bridge in the Park, which is assigned for plant community observation on the lake as well as sandbanks visited by numerous species of water birds. From the foot-bridge, there spreads a gorgeous panorama of moving dunes pouring into the lake from its northern side. A natural peculiarity of this District is a vast peatbog range situated both on its terrain as well as slightly outside the border of the Park. Some of the peatbogs recently included in the SNP (Wielkie Bagno range), after an intensive, industrial exploitation of the peat, slowly undergo renovation. Currently, the range flooded with water con-stitutes an attractive place of autumn rest for the multi-thousand flocks of cranes.

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