Smołdzino Protection District

Smołdzino Protection District occupies the area of 1774,53 hectares. The office of the District Keeper is situated in Smołdzino, 0,5 kms from the Park Head Office. The area of the District comprises the forestry ranges around the village of Smołdzino i.e. branches marked with numbers from 85 to 140 and it is divided into 3 ranges: Karłowo, Żelazo and Rowokół. In the district, situated in the central part of the SNP, there run main communication tracks of the Park, i.e. roads: Gardna W. - Smołdzino, Żelazo - Smołdzino, Smołdzino - Czołpino, Kluki, as well as tourist tracks: yellow (Łeba - Gardna W.), black (Smołdzino - red track) and the blue one. (Czarna Dą-brówka - Rowokół - Gardna W.). On the terrain of the district, in the Rowokół range, there runs a nature path accessible both for the groups and individual tourists. On its route, apart from interesting plants communities, one can observe from a short dis-tance, the feeding grounds of beavers. The view-tower on the summit of Rowokół Mountain is the main tourist and nature attraction of this District, from which a mag-nificent landscape of the Park and its lagging spreads. Residents call Rowokół a Holy Mountain of the Slovinians. Many interesting folk traditions, beliefs and legends cor-respond to this place.
Before setting out whichever of the routes, the Museum of Nature of the SNP in Smołdzino is worth visiting to see its permanent and periodical expositions devoted to the nature of the whole Park.

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